What kind of technology problems do you typical help solve?

Through building our own companies and our experience with countless other businesses we have learned to solve common issues that many businesses face. By far the most common problem we solve is procurement, management and implementation of a new website. Say your company needs a new website. We can help find and interview vendors, help with evaluation, scope and implementation of your new site. Having us as a skilled and experienced resource ensures your transition will be smooth and fruitful.

What other types of problems can you help with?

We have helped companies go paperless, implement shared calendar and team resources, change to new internal software, embrace VOIP telephone systems, streamline communication, standardization of document preparation and much more.

Do you provide technical support?

We aren't system or network admins. We are experts in business technology evaluation and implementation, and oversee skilled vendors to do the implementation. In nautical terms we aren't in the boiler room, we are above board mapping a course and setting sail. We leave the technical implementations to the technical experts.

What is your price structure?

We typically work under short term retainers with milestones and deliverables. Our fees Depend on your company and the specific task at hand. We also work with companies on a ongoing bases as a advisory role.

What is the first step?

Give us a call and let's meet. You will do the majority of the talking and we will do the majority of the listening. In order to help steer your ship we must know the ropes. So we need to understand how your business works before we can offer solutions. Then we will work on our 5 step process.