We know the ropes from personal experiences
It's much easier to get somewhere when you've been there before...

Our Compaines

We help many companies with their technology solutions, but we started by helping ourselves. So when your company has a real world problem, we know how that feels. We have been there. Having our own companies makes sure we stay at the top of the curve.

Ryno Company

Ryno Company is a real estate sales company that sells real estate in the greater Chico area. Our progressive team is known for innovation and fresh thinking. First to have VOIP phones, web based showings and listings, electronic lead management, electronic document signatures, paperless files and a successful website. Today Ryan guides the team with vision, training and hands on advice to solve and avoid challenges in a dynamic real estate market. Nearly every major real estate company in the area uses technology developed by and for Ryan and his team. Ryan currently owns and manages this company with his staff and agents.

IPM Management

IPM is a property management company in Chico, California. IPM is know for innovative marketing and technology. It's a management company based on technology rather than a management company using technology. We have online owner portals, 24/hour showing scheduling (online and phone), electronic payments, deposits and maintenance requests. In addition, a VOIP phone system, web based lease renewal, electronic document signatures and streamlined lease generation systems. Ryan currently owns and manages this company with his staff.


UniversityRentalListing.com is a company that contracts with universities thourghout the US to provide marketing sites for local rentals and properties. We partner with organizations to provide websites that landloards can pay to advertise, and visitors can find places to live. Ryan currently owns and manages this company with his staff.

Netguava Web Development

Ryan was instrumental in growing Netguava to a profitable and respected company, that serviced about 200 customers with small and large websites. He was in charge of corporate leadership, training and general staff management. Ryan sold his interest in this company in 2012.

Sharp Virtual Tours

Ryan started this virtual tour company by taking high quality tours of real estate property for sale. It grew into a local success, and then begain selling business oppourtunies thoroughout the west coast. Nearly 10 partners/franchiesses were providing service to their local markets based on the business Ryan developed and documented. Ryan sold his interest in this company in 2012.

Steps Marketing

Ryan along with serveral other partners, founded this web marketing company and set a foundation for success. Ryan helped outline sales processes, company goals, corporate banking/filings and provided leadership on target markets. Today Steps Marketing is a respected company known for innovative and well designed custom websites and software. Ryan sold his interest in this company in 2010.