A good leader solves problems, a great leader avoids them...
a little about Ryan and his experience...

Our Captain

Ryan Vaught has sold, built and helped create successful businesses on many levels. He is a Chico State graduate, with a Degree in Business Finance.

Real Estate
Ryan is known as one of the most innovative brokers in the area. He continues to push the limits of what the local market can and will do with technology's help. He has worked with and consulted for many of the local property managers and real estate brokerages. His companies have services and advised nearly all the large real estate related businesses in the Chico area. Ryan's real estate sales team is know for their cutting edge techniques such as paperless technology, digital signatures, online scheduling and much more. His property management team is known for taking the busy work out of day to day management of real property, and giving owners and tenants better service using technology. Ryan himself is a successful real estate investor and broker. Read more about our real estate companies.

Ryan has helped many companies with their online branding and presence. He has overseen hundreds of web development projects, designs and software applications during his involvement with development and marketing companies. Enterprise clients ask for Ryan because he is quick to understand their problems, and able to provide practical simple solutions using technology. Read more about our technology companies.

Ryan loves to give back, and feels strongly that volunteerism and charity is a necessary part of a balanced life. Ryan and his wife love to travel and take pride in simple, and rewarding activities. Ryan  and his wife are actively involved with their church and several charities. Ryan has served on the board and remains involved today with causes that he is passionate about.